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    Fair Lawn All-Sports


    If you have questions about our sports, reach out to Sport Directors located on our 'Contact Us' page.


    Fair Lawn All-Sports is committed to serving the families of Fair Lawn with recreational and travel youth sports. We are a non profit, volunteer based organization that offers the kids of Fair Lawn a wide variety of sports. We also serve the special needs community through our STARS program.

    Questions about the sport - check out details under "Sports We Offer"


    • 8th Grade Girls Army Champs 2024
    • 8th Grade Girls American Division Champs 2024
    • 3rd Grade Girls Basketball 2019
    • 2/4th grade boys summer basketball champs
    • Our 2018 Senior softball champs
    • Our U12 won the 2018 Tenafly Softball Tournament
    • 3rd Grade girls 2016
    • 6th Grade girls South Bergen Champs 2011
    • 8th Grade Girls Travel 2017
    • 8th South Bergen Champs 2011
    • 5th Grade travel 2008
    • Samantha P 3 Point Champ
    • Purple Cupcakes 5/6th Rec Champs
    • 4th Grade Girls Travel 2022
    • 3rd Grade Girls Travel 2022
    • Girls 6th Grade 2021 Wayne PAL Tourn. Champs
    • Girls 6th Grade Red Travel 2021 Lyndhurst Tourn. Champs
    • 2022 USATF Athletes 2022 Track and Field USATF athletes with Mayor and Council
    • 2023 Girls 3rd Hoop Heaven Champs
    • 2023 Girls 4th Hoop Heaven Champs
    • 2023 Girls 5th Hoop Heaven Champs
    • 2019 Girls Basketball Mike Blake Champs
    • 2023 5th Grade Spring Hoop Heaven Champs
    • 2023 4th Grade Spring Hoop Heaven Champs
    • 2023 3rd Grade Spring Hoop Heaven Champs
    • 2023 3rd Grade PIT Champs
    • 7th Grade Runner Up BTBL 2019
    • Senior Night 2024
    • 3rd Grade All Stars 2024
    • 2011 6th and 8th South Bergen League Champs.


    Fair Lawn All-Sports

    10-10 20th St, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410